About Sacred Warrior Yoga

Sacred Warrior Yoga Inc. was born out of the dream of a warm and welcoming sanctuary dedicated 

to the practice of yoga for all levels and ages. 

We live in a multi tasking, speed driven world so it is important to balance that with self care and mindful moments.

Our belief is that yoga can be a life changing activity; something to help you find balance, ​harmony and peace

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the residents and guests of High Level a calm, safe and welcoming space to practice yoga. Where students can establish and expand their yoga journey and self transformation through a consistent practice, leaving them feeling refreshed and inspired. We aim to build a supportive tribe of like minded people who spread ripples of good karma energy back to their families, communities, the town, the province, the world.


As a teaching community, we are extremely dedicated to the path and practice of yoga, and passionate about sharing it with others. We look forward to this jo​urney with you! We love bringing the roots of traditional yoga to life for timeless application in the modern world, while delivering engaging classes for all levels. Learn, grow, evolve, expand.

Meet the Sacred Warrior Team

Get to know our experienced family of teachers.

We are a community driven yoga studio, committed to growing our collective.

Our teachers are dedicated and the studio is authentic.

Cheryl Long



I had never considered myself a "yoga person", that is until I went to my first yoga class. In that class, I had an A-ha moment. It ignited in me a passion for yoga, feeling calm yet empowered. I knew that it was something I wanted to do for myself. It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to be able to make others feel as great as I did. My aim as a yoga teacher is inspire others to take control of their lives. To practice yoga in a relaxed and welcoming setting, and cultivate a community that supports and uplifts; with the yoga practice being the real teacher.

Tera Martens



I teach from a place of personal experience of the benefits of yoga. I spent years dealing with chronic pain in my shoulders and neck, constant headaches and a general feeling of fatigue. The physical practice of yoga completely changed my life. The mediational aspect has been even more influential and I hope to impart some of the overall well being with the community. To me, yoga helps me feel calm, grounded and have a better quality of life. Yoga offers a fresh perspective and rejuvenation of the body, leaving you healthier and happier.

Val Crosby


Val also has not given us a bio.... so I will tell you a little about her.

Always scared to try yoga, Val first started class with Cass and quickly became an integral member of our SW community.  

She is also the first and only student to ever take my advice, listened to her body and once spent the entire class in corpse pose.  It was so bad ass. 

We could not be more proud to see her transition into a yoga teacher!